Wednesday, August 25, 2010

39 weeks, 4 Days - The waiting game.

So this waiting is no fun! I mean its like when you are almost home and you have to go to the bathroom, and each mile, each block closer you are the worse you have to go.... Well each day closer to my due date the more I cannot wait to meet Baby Earl!

Sure I could do without the pain of labor and the messy part of birth, but the overwhelming excitement to meet her and hold her in my arms, to see my mom, dad, aunts, friends holding my daughter is just too much! I want to know what she looks like already! :)

The weird part is at the same time, I still had one of those moments sitting at work yesterday, she was moving around and with my hand on my tummy, near her feet, I thought "OMG there is a human being growing inside me". Strange that even this late in the game those thoughts still come and go.

And sure there is still part of me that is not done being pregnant, though the ever increasing pressure on my pelvis, the million trips a day to the bathroom, the swelling of my hands and cankles, the longing for my cure thin feet, the lower backaches, the worrying while waiting in line at the post office that my water will break, the anticipation of the physical pain of labor and the torpedo like shape my stomach has changed into, are certainly all things I will not miss. I will miss this very peculiar, very private and selfish bond I have with BE right now....but not enough to keep her in too much longer.

At this point today, it is still any one's guess. And it is no surprise to me that this waiting is so hard for me, like I have always said; patience is the one virtue I don't have. :) (That statement is proof I am my mother's daughter.) I am anticipating at this point though that the ultrasound on Friday may determine if a c-section is necessary, in that case we would at least be able to plan ahead and I would get 2 weeks extra off from work... or they could say eh, she is ok let's wait another week and see. Ironically, though the waiting seems to be long and drawn out, this week has actually gone by fast, I mean if she doesn't come by tomorrow night then the ultrasound is the next morning - and that seemed like such a long time away from the appointment last week.

Patience for Peyton is the name of the game right now. She is the boss of her arrival at this point, and honestly while I cannot wait to have her in my arms I am ok with waiting long as my baby girl is born healthy, and I don't have any serious complications in birth - that is all I pray for, the rest is just details. :)

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